If dogs weren't already capable of melting your heart you can use knitting to make them even more adorable. You can knit your dog little sweaters to keep them warm, or capes to keep them dry in the rain. While there aren't nearly as many knitting books for dogs as there are for babies you can still baby your multi-legged friend with some knitting love. Why should babies get all the knitting anyway? Don't want to knit doggy sweaters? These books will also offer you knitted doggy toys and knitted doggy bags for you to knit and enjoy. Or go the extra mile and learn how to knit with your dog's hair. There's even a book for people who can't have a dog showing them how to knit their own. Check them all out here:

Knitting Books for Dogs

petprojectsbookPet Projects - The Animal Knits Bible by Joanna Osbourne and Sally Muir
The writers behind Knit Your Own Dog are back with their latest book of projects for all kinds of pets. Whether you have a dog, cat or a mouse you'll find knitting patterns for the pet that you love. Even if it doesn't have every possible pet - you will be inspired to create a mat for your ferret or a caddy for your goldfish food.

DressYourDogbookDress Your Dog by Sys Fredens
If you want to focus on special doggy wear this is the dog knitting book for you. Most of the designs are more appropriate for smaller dogs especially since there aren't any instructions on how to size your own dog. Lots of doggy sweaters using a variety of different yarns.

KnittingForDogsbookKnitting For Dogs by Kristi Porter
This book isn't just dog capes and blankets, but all of the things you would need for your dog too: bags to carry doggy treats, knitted doggy toys and even accessories for you to match with your dog -important if you want to stand out at the dog park and make it easier for people to match you to the dog.

knityourowndogbookKnit Your Own Dog by Sally Muir and Joanna Obourne
Not all of us can own a dog. Whether we're allergic or not living in a dog-friendly home we can always knit our own dog. This book offers 25 different dogs for you to knit. Whether you want a yorkie or a terrier you'll find a doggie to love in this book. The perfect way to give your child a dog if they can't have a real one.

MenwhoKnitandDogBookMen Who Knit and the Dogs that Love Them by Annie Modesitt and Drew Emborsky
This is possibly one of the most specialized knitting books ever produced: knitting for men who love dogs. It's wonderful to see a book celebrating them. There are more men who knit than you think and many of them are outright ridiculed in public for knitting. A great gift for a knitter with lots of dogs and boys in their household.

knittingwithdoghairbookKnitting With Dog Hair by Kendall Crolius and Anne Montgomery
If you have dogs, then you have dog hair and now you can put it to good use. Learn all about how you can knit your dog's fur into a wonderful coat or a doggie bed where he or she can lounge in familiar comfort.

doggieknitsbookDoggie Knits by Corinne Niessner
This book should be considered to be the companion book to Dress Your Dog. It's a collection of knitting patterns for very small dogs.

What's your favorite doggie knitting book? Share with us in the comments!

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