ruthcrosscushionsforchairsThe other day I shared my impromptu Poang Mini Chair Cover knitting project. Once I'm finished with it, I'll try to write it up as a pattern for fun, but in the meantime if you have a chair that needs to be covered with knitted yarn you can glean some inspiration from some of these widely available chair cover knitting patterns. One of my favorite knitting designers Erika Knight has produced not one, but two knitted chair cover patterns and Nicky Epstein has taken knitting roses to a whole new level. Before you get rid of that old ikea chair, check out these knitting chair cover patterns and decide whether your old ikea chair just needs a little airing out and a chair cover knitted with love.

The knitted cushions above come from Ruth Cross's book the Knitted Home.

Check out these cool knitted chair cover patterns:

I'm still working away on the mini poang chair cover. I've got three more skeins of chunky weight yarn. I hope that will be enough!

Have you knitted a chair cover? Let me know in the comments!

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