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KnitLuck Links April 2

1434438669_ae63323760_mI'm still celebrating the fact that I knitted a net total of 2 rows, this after screwing up one row and having to frog 2. So here, have some awesome knitting links:

Revknits and the knitters of Bluebird made some blankets for charity, and they were blessed.

KnitHacker gave me the heads up about these cool knitting needle necklaces from plastic girl.

The Thrifty Knitter continues the tale of the surprise lambs. There might be some flip video of baby lambs in our future!

KnitLuck Links April 1

crochetI'm too lazy for an April Fools Linkfest. Links to sausages, or pineapples, or some other silly thing that makes people laugh.

So instead I have real links, nifty links to share with you today.

A different kind of ravelry.

Some crocheted granny squares for the hook fiends out there.

The Tsarina of Tsocks bumped into Franklin, who looks dashing in lace.

Littleton, MA yarn store review from the knitting examiner Boston.

In Cleveland, knitting is in style because of the eonomy.

I still think knitting can help the economy. Sign my pledge to teach someone how to knit/crochet/spin/cross stitch!

KnitLuck Links March 30

Links for your Monday:

Sock Pixie has done it again with beautiful sea inspired hand-dyed yarns.

KnitHacker has found cute spring knits and an Obama sweater pattern.

Stitchmarker has some yummy yarn pron and patterns.

Crafting a Green World has an Upcycle Contest.

KnitLuck Links March 27


Some quick Friday links for you.

There's Etsy, there's Artfire and now there's also

I'm loving the Happy College Knitter blog.

Apparently there's a country band called Yarn.

Do you think a yarn zombie would eat yarn instead of brains? Mmmm, skeins! Check out YarnZombie's Etsy Shop (aka Gaslight Dyeworks)

and finally,

Posh Yarn has some fabulous lace weight beauties for sale. Drool Drool Drool.


Knitluck Links March 26

It's Thursday. These days I'm lucky if I get to knit two or three rows. This weekend isn't looking so good for knitting either. C'est la vie.

Here's some knitting links to entertain you:

A new Beginner Knitting tutorial from the Queen of DIY.

Twist Inc's Store Newsletter.

The Cast-on Podcast.

Rose-Kim's Thursdays are For What The Hell is This?

KnitLuck Links March 23

Some Monday Morning Links to start the week:

il_430xN.61863888Little Birdhouse learns the hard way that cats and yarn don't mix.

Yarn Talk got some bad news: her dad has cancer. Can you please send her some love?

Pancake and Lulu make some beautiful handspun yarns. As you can see in the photo the yarn is so fluffy and colorful that it's pretty enough to eat.

Cindy Williams knits clothing for the poor according to the Idaho Statesman.

95 Year old Arkansas Man knits. Maybe I will be able to knit my stash in my lifetime!

KnitLuck Links March 22


Links for a lazy Sunday afternoon:

BrainyLady did a cool book review of Knitting the Threads of Time.

This is a cute online yarn store: Dancing Ewe and this is their blog.

You can contribute to a Chicago-Area group home by knitting a scarf.

There's a cool yarn calculator for the iphone available in itunes.

Susannce McMinn recounts her first knitting lesson with Misty of Destiny Groves Farm.


KnitLuck Links March 20

I'm so glad it's Friday. Here's some links to start your weekend.

Desert Garden Farms had some baby goats!

Extreme Spinning
has received some gorgeous bats, she's quite the spinner. Though I did think for a brief moment that Extreme Spinning might involve underwater fiber arts, or spinning while motocycling over the grand canyon. And she has... an etsy shop! Gorgeous organic yarns, one of a kind creations! If only I knew how to spin. Any bay area spinners want to show me how?

CraftStylish has a fantastic knitted curtain.

The Artyarn blog (not the yarn brand) has another feature on Yarn Bombing.

Teri Eichorn has crocheted a coral reef on display in Tempe Arizona as part of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project.

Mountain Colors now has a blog!

KnitLuck Links March 18 2009

Here's what's new for today.

Courtesy of Craft Gossip we have knitted marshmellow peeps from Kat Knits. I'd make them for my mom, but she'd probably think it would ruin the fun part of actually eating them.

Some people have taken St Patty's day to heart and applied it to their knitting. Check out Cable Gram. Just One Row crocheted pots of gold for her boys.

Prickly Pear Bloom shares some beautiful photographs of green yarn.

Portable Crafting takes a look at yarn bombing.

Oh and Fearless Fibers is having a Yarn Sale!!!!!

Interweave Store


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