Satakieli, a Finnish yarn available from Schoolhouse Press
I can't believe it's September tomorrow. In my neck of the woods it means that the kids are back in school and that it's time to think about fall and christmas knitting. Here's what you guys are thinking about:

The Crafty Pianist knit the slouchy beret, which I totally want to make!

Cosmicplutoknits has a little bit of backstory behind the Cityscape Cardigan found in this season's Twist Collective. It's enlightening to see how the design changed over time.

Juniper Moon Farm has a collection of beautiful things that you may like to see, which I found rather inspiring.

The Yarn Harlot
was wondering on twitter about the quantity of colors of this yarn and suprised that she didn't have more in her stash. It looks pretty as you can see in the photo on the left.

Andrea Morrison from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm found a lovely antique that seems apropos. She really makes me want to take a spinning class.

French Press Knits has me looking forward to Stitches West. I am determined to take classes this time around!

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