Gnome Socks, a pattern soon to come from Spilly Jane, photo by Spilly Jane
My head is spinning with all of the wonderful knitting things I keep finding. Keep on knitting, knitters.

Spilly Jane Knits is making some GNOME SOCKS. The pattern isn't available yet, but stay tuned. There are few things more awesome in this world than socks with gnomes on them. (ok, it's a little hyperbolic, but still).

A Verb For Keeping Warm has adelightful interview with knitter around town, Mary Heather Cogar, who may restart the trend of giving girls two names all by herself.

Speaking of interviews, I also found The Designer's Studio Blog. Think Actor's Studio, but for knit designers. This month Faina Goberstein interviews Tanis Gray.

Juniper Moon Farm lets you in on all the hard work it takes to raise your own sheep -and gives you the opportunity to buy the fiber or yarn that they produce. Operating like a produce CSA, you can purchase shares in next year's flock. Sounds like the perfect knitters christmas gift to me!

That's all for today.

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