stitchmarkerpotholderToday is 11/11/11, a.k.a. Spinal Tap Day. Apparently, we're meant to take this day to 11. It's a bit early here on the West Coast to be at "11". In honor of Spinal Tap, here's 11 knitting links full of awesome.

Over at Stitch Marker, you can knit a potholder which will be sold for chariety, the proceeds going to a literacy program for at-risk kids. See the photo, left.

Clara Parkes from Knitter's Review has her report from Knitter's Lab.

Signature Needle Arts has a fantastic page giving excellent advice on how to find gifts for knitters.

I just really like the Pie Bird Design Web Site.

I found another tweed to be obsessed about.

Vogue Knitting has a detailed account of their latest tour -this time around continental Europe.

You had me at meat tornado shirt. Totally 11.

Rose Kim Knits, What The Hell is This?

Knititnow: an interesting place to learn more about machine knitting.

Wendy reminds us what it's like to knit with denim (gah I have a sweater qty to knit myself)

Knitting at Craft Gossip has a cute Stegosaurus to knit for the dinosaur obsessed child in your life (or adult as the case may be)


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