angelafall2013Who is Knit Luck?

Knit Luck is edited by Angela Pallatto Hockabout, aka This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from The Crafty Girl is a Happy Girl. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you wish to submit a pattern, yarn or Etsy shop to be featured on this site. In addition to knitting, Angela also love playing table top RPGs, French history, baby Nate, baby Liam, cooking and farmers markets.

Angela learned to knit in 2004 when she was 25 years old and newly married... to the wrong person. Learning to knit taught her patience, self acceptance, perserverence and eventually introduced her to new friends who eventually introduced her to the true love of her life. She fully believes that knitting can improve or even change your life.

Angela is a graduate of San Francisco State's film program where she focused on documentary films and screenwriting. In 2010 she participated in Life in a Day, the Youtube crowdsourced documentary directed by Kevin McDonald. Thousands of hours of footage from July 24, 2010 were submitted and Angela's shots of her son and husband waking up in the morning made it into the 8th minute of the film. 

More than anything, Angela loves to use knitting to tell stories and aspires to write a collection of short essays about her life as a crafter and knitter.

What the heck is Knit Luck?

Imagine a potluck, but for knitting. A cornucopia of knitting news, links and resources for knitters at all levels. We passionately believe that knitting can change your life.

Learn to knit today and see how it connects you to yourself, to the people you love and the community around you. If you're already a knitter, Knit Luck provides links to the latest in geek knitting, technique tutorials, interchangeable knitting needle reviews, knitting book reviews and yarn reviews. If you're just getting into the knitting community, check out our New Knitters Guide, which offers information on the culture of knitters.

Knit Luck is a web zine of everything new about knitting on the web: reactions to your favorite knitting magazines, unique patterns from unknown designers, and profiles of etsy sellers! If it's knitting you'll find it on Knit Luck.

Some of the things we love:


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