Lizard Ridge Blanket by Wool Free and Lovin' It
Now that everyone's a little recovered from Rhinebeck, it's time to see what other people are knitting around the web:

But first a few more Rhinebeck posts:

Nutmeg Knitter had a fabulous time and escaped with a skein of silkie socks that rock.

Neoknits has a lovely recap and beautiful photos.



Now Knitting Links:

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit just went on a fabulous vacation and has finished objects to show off. Can you say "knitting in Paris?"

Franklin has me laughing again, seriously -don't miss this!

The Frisky has a nice interview with Debbie Stoller. We're going to see a lot of her these days since she has a book coming out.

A Review of Kirby's Epic Yarn - a Wii game with, uh yarn.

Purlbee has a lovely review of Brooklyn Tweed's yarn, called Shelter.

Happy knitting, people!

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