Every now and then I find a collection of great knitting links all at once so I share them as part of Knit Luck links.


It's Project Stash's bday - go give her some good birthday wishes

Knitting Sandwich knows how to knit a mean dishcloth.

Knitting at Craft Gossip has some excellent tips sweater knitting, putting some focus on the sleeves first.

Sarah Ronchetti at Sezza Knits is one of my favorite knitting designers. She does some amazing patterns for kids that I keep favoriting on Ravelry. The pattern above is from her. It's a kidraglan sweater called Alec. Read all about how this great pattern got its name.

Peacfully Knitting is a Rowan Ambassador and she has a good run down on what's in the new issue of the Rowan Magazine, which was enough for me to want to go out and find some cotton yarn to make a cardigan.

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