It is the day that every mom looks forward to. The day that you dream of nursing late into another sleepless night. The day that seems to take forever to arrive: Today is the first day that both of my children are in school for more than 3 hours. Breathe deeply. I'm going nearly five hours without someone asking me for something. I'm going nearly five hours doing only things that make me happy. It's wonderul. My brain needs the rest. It would be much more awesome if I wasn't also working on a renters movement and my preschool's fundraising efforts.

I think the universe approves. There's a little library outside of my kid's preschool and I found this:


A copy of Natural Nursery Knits by one of my all time favorite knitting pattern designers, Erika Knight. No joke I love larff lurve Erika Knight. I'm actually knitting her traditional vneck sweater knitting pattern right now! It was freeeeeeee!!!! Guess it really is time to go overdrive on my knitting blog ;) Thanks universe!

So yeah, I'm hoping to have more time to do more writing here at Knit Luck. That's the goal anyway. 

Progress continues on the Vneck sweater we already mentioned. It's an easy going lots of stockinette project. It's probably going to take me months to finish because the yarn is such a small gauge, but maybe now with the kids in school I'll have more time to knit on my own. With any luck I'll be able to knit more in cafes or even find a morning knitting group to attend. Perhaps I'll even check out the Recraft Store in Alameda. That could be on way to get rid of some yarn ;)

Something weird happened tho in the midst of all this freedom: this unexpected desire for another child, but that ship's already left the dock. :D It's probably just hormones talking and NO, I'm not pregnant, despite the content of the above knitting book. There will be plenty of other people's babies to knit for and besides my last attempt at knitting a baby thing for someone ended up in disaster. Ugh! 

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