I had great expectations for this Fall. My two sons would be in preschool two mornings a week and I would be able to have the time to add all of the awesome new content I wanted to write. I would start filming a video blog every week and maybe even do a big foray into location shooting. Those things did happen, but did not go as planned. I realize now that I was living a fantasy, albeit one that has done a fantastic job of keeping my head afloat from an impending depression.

In my mind, I would write two to four articles, take a ton of beautiful photos, enjoy a cup of coffee or three and pat myself on the back for all of the work I got done, and all of the new followers eager to read all of my work. As you can see that really didn't happen. 

The big sheep festival I wanted to promote went completely haywire. The less said about it the better. You can ask me personally by email if you want the whole story, but I don't want my site to get bogged down by it. It was very disappointing and it makes me angry when I think about it. To be clear - the knitting vendors and spinning competitors and runners were AMAZING and well worth a visit. The people who create and run the show are wonderful.

Bascially I have not had the time I thought I would this fall. It's all so frustrating. Week after week we keep getting colds or strep throat or whatever and either one or both of my kids have to miss school. This means that I'm not getting any of the free time to write. Add to this a last minute campaign to get renters to attend a series of meetings in my city to promote fair rental laws meant that my free time was even more constrained. It just felt like maybe I needed to use my super-powers for social change rather than to celebrate the arcane world of knitting. 

There's been a lot of frustration. It's such a theme in my life these past few years. Constraints and frustration, but also these two adorable sons that I have that are full of love and hugs and cuddles and laughs and farts. It's so hard to balance the needs of one's family and one's personal ambitions. I'm sure that there are many of you who can relate. 

There has been some knitting. I'm still working on the Redfern Cardigan from the cover of the Fall 2014 Interweave Knits. It's progressing very nicely. I'm almost done with the body and will be moving on to the sleeves soon. I've enjoyed wearing some of my past cardigans now that it's late fall and getting chillier (one hesitates to say colder when one lives in coastal California). The old Shakespeare Cardigan has been getting some wear as well as the Dahlia Cardigan. It's been rewarding to know that I've completed two cardigans these past two years. I might even have a third one finished by next Spring, which is a lovely thought indeed. 

Here's to the thought of spring (even though it is not yet winter).

How the hell are the rest of you?

(I would have some knitting photos, but for some reason nothing I take pictures of looks good anymore and I need a new camera :( ) 

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