knittingneedles2Today we have another guest blogger who you're going to see a lot more of, Evelyn Leong. She's the blogger at Project Stash, which is a fun read. She gives us another perspective on the Knit Picks Interchangeable Nickel Plated Needles.

Product Review: Knit Picks Interchangeable Needles

By Evelyn Leong

What does one need for knitting? Two sticks and some yarn … nothing could be simpler, right?

Well, over the many years that I’ve been knitting, I’ve collected a wide array of sticks although surprisingly, not in every size. In my needle stash are aluminum, wood, and bamboo – yes, I weeded out those dreaded yellow plastic needles years ago. Since my knitting has become more advanced, I recently reached the point where I’ve been craving needles that can give me some slickness and, yes, dare I say it, speed.

In wanting to upgrade my needle stash, I bought myself a set of Knit Picks Interchangeable Nickel Needles. A few years ago, on a mission to graduate from my bamboo needles to a sturdier wood, I bought two pairs of Knit Picks Harmony circular needles in US6 and US9. These are lovely, and I’ve been pleased with how they’ve performed. Still, wanting to experiment further, I recently tried out a pair of Addi Turbos and Chiagoo Red Lace needles. Knitting with these helped me realize that I wanted to knit more regularly with metal as I love the way the yarn slips off the needles and allows me to knit with less drag.

So, let’s talk about what I got in my Knit Picks set. The points range from US4 to US11, including US10.5 which feels like an added bonus. This set has 4.5 inch regular points (not lace), and so far, I’ve found that they thread easily and securely onto the cables that accompany the collection. With this set comes two 24” and two 32” cables, great for enabling my habit of casting on more than one project at a time. Oh, I’m getting better at keeping my WIPs down to a few, but I don’t think I’ve knit only one project in years.

The cables are nice and bendy, allowing the project to sit comfortably while being knitted. Each set of cables comes with a handy little tool that’s akin to an Allen Key – when slipped into the two holes at the base of the thread, the needle point can be tightened easily. This is a necessity as without it, the needles loosen after a while. With the cables come four caps, a great concept for securing one’s work on the cable when the needles are removed to be used for another project.

I wondered, at first, if the length of the needle points would be insufficient, but they’re fine – sure, a couple of extra inches would be great but not especially necessary. Since the cables are so flexible, the project rests easily – no more wrestling with stiff cables – and these two lengths are ample for most projects.

Overall, I’m delighted with my new set of needles but I do have a couple of “I wish they had …” thoughts:

  1. I’m an organized knitter and will definitely use the handy clear plastic pouch that the needles came with. The pouch has inner pockets to store each set of needle points and the points come on a card that lists each size. I’ll keep all these together but I wish they had thought to etch the size directly onto each needle;
  2. While the threads on the cables are fine, I wish they had thought to make sure each has a bit more definition. My US7 points take a little elbow grease to screw in, something I would rather not have to worry about.

I have heard that Knit Picks has great customer service so I’ll probably give them a call and inquire about the cable threading, but if I had the choice to purchase this set again, the answer would be a definite yes.

Thanks, Angela, for the chance to be a guest blogger today. Happy knitting, everyone.

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