A cool thing happened last week. Skeino reached out to me to see if I wanted to test out some of their yarn. Skeino is a relatively new yarn company direct selling from their website. They specialize in bright colors, sock yarns, and natural fibers. 

Seeing as I haven't been able to buy yarn in months I jumped at the chance to try out new yarn. Yay new yarn!!!! Skeino sent me a giant 600 yd ball of their Harlequin yarn in the Meadow colorway. That's a lot of yarn, plenty in fact for many of the knitting kits they have available in their store. I requested the bias shawl pattern. Turns out when you order one of those patterns you end up with a ton of different patterns along with it. That said, the bias shawl and the ripple shawl are pretty easy, but once I cast on I decided that what I really needed was a cowl, so I just cast on a bunch of stitches in the round and started a simple garter stitch cowl. I thought that for me it would be the best way to show off the color changes in the yarn and be a useful finished object. 


Skeino Harlequin is super soft. It's a merino single with long, evenly-spaced color transitions. Usually I'm not such a huge fan of this type of yarn. While it's especially soft, singles tend to pill easily and can break mid-knitting. I rarely recommend super soft singles as a yarn for sweaters because they just don't stand up to frequent wear. That said, Skeino Harlequin is 100% merino, which means no man-made fibers, which might make for less of a halo effect than similar yarns that do contain nylon. I would choose Harlequin over other single ply yarns just for the fiber content alone. It's much softer and the colors much more saturated and vibrant than yarns with other non-natural fibers. This would be a delightful yarn for baby jackets because it's just that soft (well, so long as your baby is not allergic to wool). I would consider knitting that famous Tulip Jacket baby pattern with this yarn, just to save on having to sew in the ends of using different individual colors of yarn.

Knitting with this yarn has been enjoyable. My only frustration being that there is so much air in the yarn that the bulk of the yarn gets squished down as you knit and so the yarn in itself is a little deceiving. You would think that it would be much chunkier, but once you knit up the yarn it ends up being more of a light worsted, but that's a minimal complaint and reflective of the type of yarn rather than the quality of this specific yarn. 

If you're looking for super soft single ply yarns for winter wear, give the Skeino Harlequin a try, it might brighten up your winter, especially for use in scarves, shawls, hats and cowls. It would make a beautiful set of long gloves.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks. I'll have more pictures soon of the cowl in progress so that you can see those pretty color transitions. Also coming soon is our review of the Chiao Goo Interchangeable Knitting Needles.


Knit Luck occasionally does yarn and knitting book reviews. You can contact Knit Luck on twitter if you want your yarn/book/knitting product reviewed.

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