Library_-_5353I hear that the Sock Summit crew has begun preparations for next year's convention. It's got me thinking about socks. I don't have one on the needles right now and it makes me feel like something's missing. I feel this quite keenly when I'm feeling down. It might be a little bit of a compulsion to bust out with the sock knitting when faced with bad news. Not having a sock on the needles feels a little like not wearing enough armor.

So the other night, I busted out one of my boxes of sock yarn and chose my next pair of socks. There was Lorna's, there was Colinette, some Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and towards the back was some Trekking XXL, which I think I'm going to do some socks from the toe up, some simple stockinette stitch. Those are my favorite.

That said, I still haven't knit much of the sock yarn I bought at the last Sock Summit, but I sincerely doubt that it will prevent me from attending the next one.


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