Holiday Gifts For Knitters 2011 - The Perfect Knitting Chair

chairedThere are a lot of obvious gifts for knitters... yarn, needles, knitting books but few people realize that every knitter needs a knitting chair. It's an important consideration as knitting is a sedentary activity that takes hours upon hours of your time. It affects the enjoyment of your project and can even affect your gauge if you're not comfortable where you're sitting.

Funny though how you don't realize how much the right chair affects knitting until you sit in a really comfy one and knit. Last night, I sat and knitted in my rocker, which I normally use to feed and soothe my babies. The gentle motion of the rocker, with the comfy cushioning was a revelation. Soon I was able to rock in time with my knitting, which made knitting even more relaxing than usual. It shot me straight into the "knitting zone", the one where you can focus on your work and appreciate the beauty as you go. I think it even makes you knit a little faster too. Want to give your knitter surprise gift? Get him or her a knitting chair.

My knitting chair is a Shermag Rocker (see above, left), which my mother-in-law got for me back when I was pregnant with my first child. I was thinking that I would get rid of it once all the babies where grown out of toddlerhood, but it has now found a new purpose in life as my principal knitting chair. I love it because it's comfortable, it rocks smoothly which doesn't interrupt my knitting, and the cushion is not permanently attached to the chair and can be washed.

What kind of chair do you knit in? What makes your knitting chair special? Let me know in the comments.


0 #1 Amy 2011-12-09 04:33
That's a great idea! I usually just knit in the recliner which is also a rocker. It's alright but it could be a bit more comfortable. I have tried those rockers before that you talked about and they are nice. I never thought to use it as a knitting chair. Now that my boys are not infants anymore and are preschoolers I have found that I have been having a little bit more time for more knitting. Maybe I should invest in a new chair!
+1 #2 RE: Holiday Gifts For Knitters 2011 - The Perfect Knitting ChairJacoba 2011-12-19 11:35
Hi, My knitting chair is a period chair from the Biedermeier era (1815 -1848). In my own language (Dutch) it is called a "brei-stoel", litterally meaning "knitting chair". In English, the offical term is "lady chair" , if you google images on that you find a few examples. I bought it in an antiques auction for a really small price, since no antiques dealer pays a penny for such a low, small, and granny-style useless chair without armrests. For me, no armrests is really good, so I have nothing to block the free movements of my long knitting needles. This chair was specifically designed for knitting. It is made from walnut wood and has nice carvings. It has beautiful intact woollen embroidery all over the seat and back, very complex and with a really wide range of colours. It is almost too beautiful to sit on, but above all: extremely comfortable for knitting! Jacoba, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
0 #3 Editor 2011-12-19 18:19
Thanks Jacoba! I had never heard of these Dutch knitting chairs before. I'd love to see a photo!

+1 #4 RE: Holiday Gifts For Knitters 2011 - The Perfect Knitting ChairElizabeth 2015-03-02 20:44
I have a very comfortable office chair that I knit in. I also knit in my "Lift" chair when I'm not feeling well but still want to knit. I have one of those rockers but it's one of my cats favorite chairs to sleep in so I rarely use it.

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