Hobbit Knitting

What would geek knitting if we didn't celebrate the upcoming Hobbit Movie with a few Hobbit knitting patterns? We've covered a few Lord of the Rings knitting patterns in the past so we might as well highlight some of the best knitting patterns for Hobbit lovers. The movie comes out on December 14th so you might have some time to knit yourself something Hobbit related before then if it doesn't interfere with your holiday knitting schedule.


The Hobbit Journey Knit Along by Erika Jackofsky

If you hurry you can become a part of a Hobbit Knitalong underway right now (sure you'd be a little late, but so what?). It's a mystery knitalong where you only see what you're knitting as you go.


The Hobbit Collection by Brandi Spray

You could knit the Smaug Hat, part of the Hobbit Collection by Brandi Spray. It's kid-sized and perfect if you already have a little Hobbit enthusiast in your family. Definitely visit the collection if you have a Hobbit baby in your future. Seriously, this designer deserves a book of her own patterns because it's been a while since I've seen such a cute collection of baby and kid knits. (for grown ups check out the Maddalena Mitts -totally added them to my queue).


Smaug Socks

Speaking of Smaug, you can also knit Smaug-inspired socks by Frau Morag. It's a free pattern on Ravelry!


Sock Patterns by Claire Ellen

gollumsocksbyclaireellenThere's a second Smaug sock pattern, part of a whole collection of Hobbit-inspired sock patterns from Claire Ellen, called Socks, There and Back Again. This includes the Bilbo Socks, the Gollum Socks and her own pair of Smaug Socks.







Hobbit Amigarumi

You can crochet your own Hobbit amigarumi. Those would make fantastic holiday gifts! This is a collection by Sammi Resendes that includes Hobbits, Gandalf, and even Aragorn.


More Hobbit Knitting on the Web

My Central Jersey has a couple of other Hobbit Related Patterns as well.


With two more movies on the way, I'm sure that we will see even more Hobbit-related knitting patterns created in the next couple of years.

Are you excited for the Hobbit movie? Let us know in the comments.


0 #1 Renee Anne 2012-12-06 19:28
Foul temptress! I didn't need any more items in my queue! Though, if truth be told, I had a few of them in my queue already...

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