Giftsforknitters2012Holiday season is creeping upon us and maybe you want to get a head start on the gift buying for the knitter in your life. Chances are your favorite knitter has made snuggly warm things for you and spent hours thinking of you while doing it. What better way to say "I love what you knit for me" than with a well-thought-out gift?


What do you get a knitter if you don't actually knit yourself? Doesn't my knitter already have all the things that they need to knit? Yes and no. Knitters can always use more yarn and needles, but a knitter can tell if you just went and bought a random skein of yarn and pair of needles to simply check that off of the gift list. Here's your chance to go the extra mile to find out what will make your knitter squee on the holidays.

All through the next couple of months we're going to be suggesting perfect gifts for knitters and fiber enthusiasts.

We've been sharing our favorite knitting gifts over the last couple of years. Here's what we've suggested in the past:


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