Curveballs keep being thrown. I'm starting to wonder what the hell is hanging over us. Last minute interview cancellations. Perfect positions suddenly unavailable. I wish I could make sense of it. With any luck this new setback will only leave me feeling thrown for an hour before I embrace the uncertainty and reassert my confidence that there will be a paying job at the end of this path, or perhaps a published book. That's how we're coping. Trying to fill our spare hours with writing.

If stitches were dollars I'd be rich. Raglan sweaters are well designed for the motivated knitter. I knit fast to get myself to the next increase row. I'm almost done with the increases. Soon I'll be placing the sweater stitches onto waste yarn and plugging away at the rest of the body. It's lots of stockinette, which I've been avoiding in the Dahlia Cardigan and part of the reason this whole Beachy Raglan thing came into existence. 


If you can spare some positive thoughts please send them our way.


Knit Luck

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