Five Knitting Bags to Covet

There are bags and then there are knitting bags. If the loved one in your life wants a knitting bag for the holidays there's a few things you should know. Regular bags are great and you can make them work for your knitting, but there are a few specifications that will make or break a bag for knitting projects.

What to look for in a knitting bag:

Will my needles fit?
There's no point in having a knitting bag if it won't fit your knitting needles. You can solve this by knitting wider lengths with circular needles, which fold up for easy storage. However, long pointy needles need a larger bag for them to fit.

Can it carry other things besides my knitting?
Nobody likes to carry multiple bags at once. The ideal knitting bag has separate spaces for knitting and for your regular everyday things. That way you're not searching through your yarn for chapstick, cell phones or keys.

Does it look stylish?
If a knitting bag looks like the dog's breakfast and doesn't match your style you will never wear it. Make sure that any knitting bag you consider comes in a color that you love.

Can I find my stuff in it?
Does the bag have lots of dividers and pockets to simplify organization? Does it have special spots for your keys, cell phone and wallet?

Will it keep my yarn from getting tangled?
Some knitting bags have little loops to keep your yarn from getting tangled while you're knitting. This also keeps the ball from sneaking out of your bag when you're not looking (balls of yarn have a funny way of doing that while you're mid-row)

Here are some knitting bags that make great holiday gifts


The Bagsmith bag has been around for a long time. It has a long removeable shoulder strap and unfolds to stand flat. It's good to think of it as a portable knitting basket. Lots of clear pockets so you can easily find your notions as well as an open top so that your longer knitting needles can stand out.



lanternmoontoteLantern Moon

Lantern Moon also has a knitting basket type bag, but this one more closely resembles an actual basket with its woven seagrass sides. It's reasonably priced at under $50.





janetbasketbagJanetbasket Bag Eco Bag

The Janetbasket Knitting Bag is a nice and roomy tote that comes in patterned fabrics. The prints are stylish without being too busy -in floral and stripes; a lovely way to carry your knitting.




namastebaglagunaNamaste Laguna Bag

Namaste bags are wonderful if you're looking for a knitting bag that doesn't necessarily look like knitting bag. You could take this bag to work and only your knitting friends would know that you're carrying your sock in progress. For the professional knitter ;)


KeepcalmcarryyarnbagKeep Calm and Carry Yarn Tote

Knitters everywhere know that knitting is a great way to stay calm during the most trying times in life. This is a simple canvas tote with a great message in the tradition of war-time England. Add some yarn a needles and you would have the perfect gift for a new knitter.

What's your favorite knitting bag? Let us know in the comments.


0 #1 Renee Anne 2012-10-11 20:19
For project bags, I love ones from here:
0 #2 Sparkle, elle crafts 2012-10-15 10:49
i love the Namasté one... It's in my wish list for christmas ;)
0 #3 RobinH 2012-10-16 14:10
You have excellent points and the bags shown are lovely, but I must admit I almost fell off my chair laughing when I got to 'doesn't match your style'... my style is 'is it clean?' and 'does it have holes in it?' with a side order of 'is anyone going to see me who know me?'....

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