This week we're going to be talking a lot about craft rooms including my dream craft room and why craft rooms are so cutesy. Cute is ok. Cute can be fun, but when cute is too much it goes past cute and into the dreaded realm of cutesy.

1) The Cutesy Chandelier

Whether it's some spray-painted vintage dangly thing or a reproduction found at Bed Bath and Beyond, the dainty chandelier in the craft room has been overdone. It's past put-a-fork-in-it done. This design fixture is charred and burned, throw-it-in-the-trash-I'm-so-sick-of-seeing-it-in-craft-rooms done.

This craft room also commits the crimes of using those prefab inspirational words and a toile pattern.

2) The Cutesy Vision Board

The Vision Board is a useful tool, but too many times the board itself is the focus and not the things you put on it. While it can be an interesting accent piece for the room, the emphasis should be on function and open space, not more loud prints.


This craft room is actually very sweet, but the vision board overdoes it. The fabric is just too loud. A striped pattern would be better, or fine dots. Photo from froggy monkey of Rate My Space

3) The Cutesy Supply Island Organizer

Sure, you need places to put your supplies, but they don't need to occupy the middle of the room, be so boring white and generic.

4) The Cutesy Pastel Wall Paint

Ok, so pastels are really big this year for spring, but unlike spring fashions, which you can put away once fall starts you are stuck with the paint you put on your walls unless you like painting and repainting walls. Save the pastels for your kids. The craft room may be your playroom, but for me pastels on walls just make me feel like I'm in kindergarten.

5) The Cutesy but Sterile Wall O' Cabinets.

There are other textures and colors than white for craft rooms. White does allow you to see all your supplies clearly, but something about it feels so sterile and boring even if it works well with your chandelier, vision board, pastel walls and supply organizer.


Later in the week, we'll offer some alternatives to cutesy that can be much more inspiring for your craft room.

What's your dream craft room like? Do you like cute craft rooms? What is the alternative to a cute craft room anyway? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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