Finished Object - More Socks

I've finished my third pair of socks for the year and once again it's a pair for someone else. Maybe it's time for me to knit a little something for myself. Indeed.


I'm quite happy with them. They were Trekking XL. I'm a lazy knitter and didn't do anything to match up the stripes, but I'm still happy with them and look forward to giving them away at Christmas.

Have you finished anything lately?


0 #1 Sparkle, elle crafts 2012-11-13 13:15
lol I tried to knit socks for my son when he was 9 months ( tiny feet ;) ) I knitted only one sock... The toddler put it in the laundry... I found it completely felted and today, two years later, his Paddington bear is still wearing it lol
Nice colours ;)

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