Easter Goodness

More links because there's a ton of cool stuff today

twistedriverI got a tip about the beautiful ceramics made by Twisted River Clay. Check out the etsy shop and be prepared to whip out your wallet. She makes mugs that you want to drink out of while you're knitting.

Carole Knits made some jelly bean cupcakes.

The Thrifty Knitter has news on her little lambiekins.

I keep seeing these Owl Cardigans everywhere. They make me wish I had more time for knitting.

The Rainey Sisters share their love of the knitting peeps.

Ysolda the designer might be coming to a town near you.


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angelafall2013smallI'm Angela.
Mom. Wife. Crafter. Succulent Gardener. Co-op Preschool Parent. 


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I'm knitting. I've been caring for my two sons, living at my MIL's house, volunteering at our local co-op preschool and gardening. Trying to find time to write and to redefine this blog to embrace my current reality.

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