Every now and then, I torture myself by visiting the website of a delicious yarn purveyor and find a yarn that I cannot live without, and then can't purchase it because I can't in good conscience purchase yarn when I already have so much.

Today, I found this and completely drooled. Oh, how I wish to make you into a pair of dainty socks. Socks that would make my gunboats look like dingys, because you know knitted lace socks have the ability to make your feet look smaller (I wish).


Sigh. So pretty. I blame the new sock pattern on knitty, featuring Kitchen Sink Dyeworks yarn.

I just keep telling myself that the buddhist thing to do would be to enjoy the moment and enjoy the yarn I already do have. But, now I have moved on to trying to tell myself that the yarn isn't really that pretty to begin with and that there has to be some reason that it's in the sale bin.


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