Out of all of the possible geeky obsessions that knitters have, there seems to be more knitters in love with Dr. Who than anything else. There are four pages of Tardis Patterns on Ravelry. Four Pages. That beats Star Trek's 2 pages for all of Star Trek. You can have Tardis dish cloths, wrist warmers, scarves and socks. And you don't just have one of each to choose from, but pages and pages of them. You could do a whole post on just Tardis Knitting, but today we're going to take a broader look at Dr. Who Knitting and offer up some of our favorite knitting patterns for Dr. Who Fans:

policebox mittens 01 small2The Latest Tardis Project: Police Box Mitts from Spilly Jane Knits

Winter may be far off, but you'll be wishing for cold snow again to wear this adorable mitts from Spilly Jane. If you know Spilly Jane, then you know that her mitts are lovely examples of stranded color knitting. If you're looking for something a little spicier to give multi-colored knitting a try, this is THE pattern for you.


drwhoscarfOriginal Dr Who Scarf by Tara Wheeler

There is no more famous accessory associated with Dr. Who than the scarf from season 13. This is an epic scarf knitting challenge as it its a ton of garter stitch knitting, with color changes that require a ton of woven ends, but it makes a cozy accessory for the long time Dr. Who fan.




Dr Who Ribbed Cowl 2 medium2Dr Who Ribbed Cowl by Ravelry user holynarf

Love the Dr Who Scarf colors but hate the idea of spending weeks knitting garter stitch? Try the ribbed cowl instead -especially if you're pressed for time and want to knit a useful gift.




IMG 1551 medium2The Entire set of Dr Who Amigarumi Dolls by Allison Hoffman

Make a set of Dr Who dolls and play Dr. Who until the cows come home. These patterns make 12" dolls that you can fit into a knitted tardis!



biggerbigcu mediumBigger on the Inside Shawl by Kate Atherly

Anyone who knows Dr. Who knows that the TARDIS is much bigger than it looks on the outside. The combination of stitch patterns crate an actual police box in lace. Pairing this with the police box mitts above would be an epic gift! Plus it's a FREE pattern from Knitty!



extermaknit mediumExterminknit - The Dalek Knitting Pattern by Ravelry user Penwiper

Your Dr. Who doll collection would not be complete without a villain to fight. Knit an army of daleks with this awesome knitted dalek pattern -it's another free one!


Are you a Dr. Who Knitter? What's your favorite Dr. Who knitting pattern? Let us know in the comments!

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