Dispatches from the Tour de Fleece


Handspun Sock Yarn by Chopped Tomatoes
It has been fascinating to watch the Yarn Harlot struggle and spin to meet the 1400g requirement of the recent Tour de Fleece (Ravelry Link), which follows the Tour de France bicylce race. There has been some beautiful yarn to come out of the spinalong, enough so that I've wanted to see more handspun goodness and share it with you. It's instilled in me a fanciful desire to spin, which the realities of my life know that I will never fufill. Instead, I live vicariously through what they've spun. Here is a sampling of spinners and their creations from the Tour de Fleece.

Trampled By Geese has quite a lot of posts covering her progress.

There is a Tour de Fleece Flickr Group!

I love the colors that Spincerely Yours ended up with. Drool Drool Drool.

I can't believe how fine Gnome Spun Yarn can spin (and hooray for gnomes!)

CosmicPlutoKnits makes me want to run out and buy a spinning wheel right NOW, knowing that whatever I spin will look like poorly made fresh pasta compared to her elegant skeins.

As The Bunny Spins made some lovely yarn from a variety of interesting fiber blends.

Chopped Tomatoes has some drool worthy handspun. The sock yarn is particularly delectable.


0 #1 Tamara/Spincerely 2010-07-29 02:07
Thank you so much for the mention and nice complement! And as to learning to spin, you never know, maybe someday you will! It just takes patience and practice. A good teacher helps too - check out any fiber festivals near you - a lot of times there are classes or even a helpful vendor. You can always start with a drop spindle and it is a very small investment.

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