BellsKnits Contends With A Sock Knitter's Biggest Enemy

Three times today I saw forum posts or blog posts referencing sock darning and I thought to myself, "self, the world needs a good blog post about darning socks"

I'll be honest. When my regular socks get holes, they go in the trash. Most of the time those socks have served me well and I feel free to let them go. But if my handknitted socks get a hole! There's panic, there's dismay, there's a mad scramble to find the remaining scraps of sock yarn to fix the problem. And god forbid that I don't have any remaining scraps of sock yarn!

Here are some tips, tricks and blog posts on how to fix your handknitted socks:

Bells Knits started it all today, showing the hole in her socks and how it was fixed. See the photo at left as that's the sock she had to repair.

KNITFreedom's Liat Gat has the newest sock darning tutorial with videos and excellent customer support. has a marvelous tutorial especially for knitters on how to darn your handknitted socks. Lots of pictures, and step by step directions will have you digging your holey socks from your dresser. reminds us that you can avoid the problem to begin with if you reinforce your socks with special stitches or a recinforcing thread.

HJS Studios has additional tips and tricks that the Myzigzagstitch tutorial doesn't really cover, like how to use duplicate stitch to fix holes in handknitted socks.

Knitting Daily has a wonderful illustrated sock darning tutorial, if you like the Interweave Knits Magazine tutorials, you'll like this one.

Here's KNITFreedom's Liat Gat walking you through how to darn your socks!

Here's a video tutorial. It's kind of long, but you can walk yourself through the whole process by pausing for each step.

What do you do with your holey socks? Do you know a sock darning technique you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments.
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