Coping With Disaster: Frogging

finish_or_frogSo I have been slogging away on the never ending sleeves for my brother's Cambridge Jacket and I was thisclose to being finished. I was 6 rows away from binding off. When I realized that for the last 16 rows I was only decreasing at the beginning of each row when I should have been decreasing at each end. So I had to frog 16 rows. I can't tell you how frustrated I was after that. It didn't help that this happened while I was playing D&D with my girls group and I kept rolling 1's in my attempt to become unstuck to the equivalent of a kobold fishing rod.

It made me think that I had to develop some better ways of coping when knitting goes badly, because seriously, pouting to myself doesn't help.

So here are some frogging links:

Knitty's definition of frogging.

About's definition of frogging.

About's tips for fixing your knitting mistakes.

Beth's Crafts is dealing with a frogging situation. I totally understand when she says she has to compose herself before starting again.

There is a Finish it or Frog it KAL for those people who need help completing those UFO's.

Blooming Knitter is also having a heck of a time with frogging.

Who's got some tips for coping with Knitting Gone Wrong! Share them in the comments, please.


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0 #1 Kathleen 2009-04-29 01:09
For the first time this year, I - wait for it - threw away an unfinished object. I didn't frog it or re-gift it or anything. I put it in the garbage. Now, obviously this was a desperation move. I had tried 4 different sweater patterns with the yarn and came to believe that It Was The Yarn. There were gauge problems, knitter error problems, pattern issues...the yarn was cursed. This is an extreme solution, but I have to say: I have not regretted it once. So if all else fails? Say bye-bye.

In the ravelry WIP Amnesty Group at, we have the occasional Finish or Frog Friday. Lots of supportive knitters on there for those hoping to finish things. Join us!
0 #2 AP 2009-04-29 03:34
Yeah I might be at the point where I burn the damned cardigan. I think that might be even more satisfying that throwing it away.

Hee hee


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