It's true, I've been taking a little break from knitting and Burning Man has been a good excuse. I'm not just not-knitting, I haven't been reading any knitting blogs either. That's beginning to change. The weather is becoming more fall-like and my head is starting to move back into a knitting space, and a jam-making space, and a building-giant-art-for-Burning Man space, and a writing space and a child-rearing space. Anyhoo, I finally found a moment to at least start catching up on the Yarn Harlot. Reading through a few posts something occured to me: knitting and I haven't been getting along very well this year. Maybe I was avoiding knitting.

I was reading about the Yarn Harlot's Lizette and noticing how gorgeous it was. It fit Ms. Harlot like a dream and was a delightful rust shade. Of course the Yarn Harlot was certain that it made her look like a hussy, at least until her daughter convinced her otherwise, but all I could think about was how much I wished that my finished knitting could fit me that well. I realized that I'm still feeling burned by the Diminishing Rib Cardigan that went completely haywire earlier this year. I feel like a stupid knitter, incapable of knitting a well-shaped garment despite much measurement and gauge swatching. At least this time around I quit while I was still ahead instead of finishing a completely oversized garment. It's still frustrating.

I'm starting to feel like it would just be easier to buy sweaters that fit instead of knitting a sweater for months only to discover that it doesn't fit right or that I've lost weight. Part of the problem is that I've had a hard time figuring out my post-pregnancy style and my body shape. This didn't always used to be the case. I've knit some amazing sweaters that fit perfectly. Unfortunately none of them fit anymore. For now, I'm only knitting socks and shawls and maybe I'll finally finish that giant mitered block blanket. But I'm still bummed out about that sweater. I was hoping to wear it this fall.

What awesome sweaters have you finished for this fall?

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