I am swamped. Child rearing. Housing Activism. Preschool Demands. Blearg. What I really want to be doing is writing. I'd like nothing more than to let go of all of these obligations and focus back on the stuff I really love: knitting, cooking and blogging. However, right now I'm fighting just to be able to shower, let alone get some me time to decompress from all of these high pressure endeavors. I miss writing here more often. 

That said, I haven't given up. This summer might afford me more time to write. In fact writing this little thing makes me realize how much this blogging stuff actually helps maintain my sanity in the face of all of these crazy things I'm doing. I want to review more interchangeable knitting needles. I want to check out more knitting bags. Maybe it's just a matter of making it happen. 

I'll try to work on that.


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