bloggingforknitterslogoNow that I have some extra help around the house I have some time to do some maintenance around the old website. One of the things I've been wanting to do is update the list of blogs I read. I finally did it (check out the sidebar) and it astounds me that almost 50% of the blogs I used to read on a regular basis are now completely defunct. Of course I've noticed this over the years, but never got to the point where I would actually think to update the website.

Here's the thing, if you want me to read your blog and add it to the sidebar, now is a really good time to let me know. You could do that here in the comments, or you can shoot me an email at angela at knitluck dot com.

I won't be able to fit everybody. You're more likely to be added to my sidebar if:

  • You update regularly
  • Your blog is about knitting
  • I can actually read your blog (some designs are really bad out there that I can't read them)
  • Your photos aren't so huge that it takes the superfast internet here more than 2 minutes to load.

Who are some of your favorite knitting bloggers? I love to discover new knitbloggers so please share them with me!

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