Back From The Holiday Hiatus

I'm back! I have survived the holidays and they were a doozy. Something about them left me feeling like I needed lots of naps. Maybe it was that I did so much knitting while watching Doctor Martin on Netflix. Or perhaps it was the sweet distraction of my husband being home from work. Or the shorter days and longer nights. Or the distracting cuteness of my 1 year old son. Or maybe I'm still recovering from seeing the Pomplamoose/Dresden Dolls show on New Year's Eve. Whatever it is, I'm happy that the holidays are over and I'm ready to move on and take advantage of this new year.

KnitLuck's thoughts for 2011:

  • I would like to become a better writer
  • I'm sad that I won't be able to attend Sock Summit this year
  • Looking forward to Stitches
  • Ant invasions are very annoying
  • I really hope Dr. Martin and Louisa end up together
  • Plymouth Mira Mira is a discontinued yarn that's fun to knit
  • It works out really well to buy too many boxes of See's candy as holiday gifts
  • I will teach myself to knit faster this year.
  • iPad = awesome
  • Christmas songs make me cry with happiness
  • Knitting horizontal scarves greatly increase the liklihood that you will knit a scarf that is too long to wear
  • Can you steek a gigantic scarf to make two scarves?

Stay tuned for photos tomorrow. Hope you had a fabulous holiday season. What's on your mind for 2011? Let me know in the comments I'd love to know.

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I'm knitting. I've been caring for my two sons, living at my MIL's house, volunteering at our local co-op preschool and gardening. Trying to find time to write and to redefine this blog to embrace my current reality.

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