Avengers Knitting - Hulk, Thor and Iron Man

--120000--107499_product_1978751830_thumb_largeFirst it was Iron Man, then it was The Hulk, then Thor (and Hawkeye) and Captain America, then Iron Man with Black Widow. Now all of them are in the Avengers (oh how can I forget Nick Fury?) and I know that the geeky knitters out there are asking themselves "Can I knit the Avengers?"

Why the heck not?

First off, knitting has its own set of superheroes, Handknit Heroes a knitting comic book written by Stephanie Bryant.

One Loopy Knitter made a knitted Hulk. (oo yay! Just found another interesting craft blog!)

You can buy some knitted Thor gloves on Artfire! If Thor's not your thing, you can buy Iron Man Repulsor Ray Gloves too. Oh and don't forget the Captain America gloves.

You can find a whole knitted Captain America costume here from Mark Newport (and Spiderman too for that matter).


Summer 2013 has both Iron Man 3 and a new Thor movie coming up. That means it's time to update with more Avengers-related knitting patterns!

Thor Hat by Hannah Sanders
Keep your head warm in those chilly movie theaters and impress your fellow geeks with this awesome crocheted Thor helmet by Hannah Sanders.

Crochet Loki Amigarumi by Jess Newstone
Everyone likes a good bad guy and Loki is one of the best. Knit with the other Avengers and your child can re-enact epic battles with these cool little dolls.

Knitted Iron Man Doll by Irene McCormick

Much softer than the original version!


Have you knit any comic book superhero stuff? What's your favorite superhero? Tell me in the comments!

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