2012 is shaping up to be the worst knitting year for me. So far I had a giant sweater project go horribly wrong and some yogurt got all over the shawl I was working on. Yesterday I had finally embraced the idea that maybe I should just work on the mitered blanket, but couldn't find the size 7 aluminum straight needle that I've lost two times before (don't blame me blame the toddlers). I went looking through one of the older yarn baskets. The one I bought when I first started knitting and didn't know better.

Knitters, I found bugs. Bugs! Eating my expensive alpaca and threatening some of my more favorite items in the stash!!!! Horror of horrors.

So yeah, this has not been a good year for knitting.

Bye Bye yarn basket.


Remember knitters, friends don't let friends store high quality yarn in baskets.

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