Amari Shawl KAL Update

The Amari Shawl pattern from Juniper Farms has been my main project for the last couple of weeks. Its simplicity has been a welcome relief from knitting the oversized raglan sweater from hell. Fortunately, the cool blue shade of Blue Sky Alpaca Melange provides a type of mental air conditioning even if it's hot. This project is what knitting should be; easy, relaxing, and most of all satisfying. Part of it is that I'm really not caring about gauge. I may have forgotten to increase a time or two and I'm not even thinking about it.

Sure as Sunday I know I'm going to be gritting my teeth when I get to the lace part, but I'm hoping that the odd increase here and there might do to trick to end up with the number of stitches I will need for the lace repeat. Fingers crossed.



0 #1 evelyn 2012-07-12 15:09
Don't grit your teeth and don't worry. The lace part is actually pretty straight-forwar d and simple. You'll probably memorize the lace pattern after a few rows and just watch it develop and bloom. Your FO is going to be gorgeous!

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