A Finished Object at Midnight

I have been to hell and back with this shawl and I'm so thrilled that I finished it. It's a modified Amari shawl. I did not do the lace bottom, instead opting for twelve rows of gater stitch, finished of with a folded picot hem. It's not big enough to wrap around my neck (grrr), but it does sit nicely on the shoulders. It better fit because I had to harvest the long ends where I changed balls to finish the darned thing. Gave me trouble til the very end.

Required modeling shots:

I'm in a little disbelief that I've finally finished this shawl.

Comfy shawl

Knit Luck impersonates the virgin mary whilst showing off the picot edge on her shawl

So how do you like to do your finished object modeling shots?


0 #1 Evelyn 2012-10-26 14:26
What a beautiful color for your Amari Shawl. Tucked into the collar of your jacket or coat will be a lovely accent so I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it.
0 #2 Renee Anne 2012-10-26 15:06
HOOOOOOOORAY for finishing that damn thing! Now, bring it and show it off this morning :)
0 #3 Angela P 2012-10-26 21:25

To be fair, I LOVE the shawl now that it's finished. The alpaca is soooooo soft. I think I'm probably going to wear it every evening to keep me warm through the winter. I just wish I could have gotten my head together to knit the lace, but it just wasn't happening without a chart.

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